X Number Times Ten

Whats the difference between sixteen and six?
Both are close enough to mix
The latest excuse in a long line
Next you’ll be saying that a computer committed crime
Sounds so dumb and its why you can’t explain
Just stop with the lies cause they’re lame
All you’re doing is just digging a grave
At no point is what you’re doing an ounce of brave
Ignoring all that you don’t want to hear
Screaming aloud about how they should adhere
Kinda funny when you refuse to admit
That you are the problem with all of it
A mouth without a single cell
Feels like swimming through thick gel
Maybe its what’s left of your brain
Wouldn’t surprise me cause you have no shame
Keep repeating all the latest lies
Hoping no one can see you’re not wise
Problem is its the most obvious thing
You ain’t fooling anyone about being clear by spring
So I beg of you just open your eyes
If you don’t then numbers will continue to rise

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