Face Of Your Destruction

Lie through disaster of yester year
Or maybe just grab another beer
Leave the dregs with pure fear
Another shot that got us here

So with the putrid state of decay
Watch the world as it spins away
Gargle glass for another hope
Or will you continue to mope?

Weave in the ash of fallen trees
A time to come where there are no bees
What remains is only decay
As you cry hip hip hurray

Polarise the magnetic cost
Then sell life until you’re lost
The cryptic clue that blinds you still
That is why we’ve reached the end of thrill

Possessed by ghost of hours past
Members of a forgotten caste
What a crime that was to commit
Hence why we now live in this pit

Wrap the coils around the frost
Return of the endless dross
While chains keep us here
Recall that nothing will end the universe sneer

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