Your Punishment

The only things you value are whats in your hands
Pity that you stole it to get what you can

With a life of villany
You scream up to me
How you wish to be free
But you’re the jailor of everybody

The only things you value are what you can see
Shame you burned all that could be

Cause you’re a selfish fool
One that is always cruel
Still faking being good
You’re not at all misunderstood

The only love you have is for what you adore
What is left you wish to kick out the door

For you are disater
Trying to be the master
Manipulating all the land
We’re so sick of your brand

The only love you feel is just for you
When will you realise we hate you

My guess is you never will
Too busy torturing the kill
Crowding out the beautiful
Just so you can claim it all

Now all that remains is a wasteland we abhor
That is why you have been cast from shore

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