Drifting along the emerald fields
As the wind blows in rippled yields
The sky filled with a thousand suns
The centre of the universe will be spun
As a million lights flash for eons
Don’t think that we breed peons
As this is not a realm we endure
Infinite expanse is whats on offer
So shift it once and then sit back
You need to get a good view of that
Then recall all the advances
Not just what is the fansiest

Beauty in the face of change
Beauty in what will remain

Stare upon the seas of calm
A realm from which all is born
With spiral mountains reaching high
As the pink clouds drift and fly
But remember not the ebb and flow
What matters most is how you show
The world at large what can be done
All while making whats best be fun
While times of grace become the mighty
Ensure that every person is smily
For if they are not then we…
Have failed so desperately

Beauty in the face of change
Beauty in what will remain

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