Sail The Open Seas

Riding on the sullen sea
Where there is a salty breeze
As gulls do fly around
And here there is no ground
At least not what is called land
Instead on planks of wood we stand
While the air blows in our face
And the ship rolls all over the place
With a hold full of golden coins
That we spend as we sail along
Unsure if we’ll reach the port
Or be sunk to the oceans floor
What a time to be alive
Out searching for our greatest prize
As enemies come bearing down
Ready to blast us until we drown
But little do they realise
That we will sing and chant about how we’re alive
Not be weighed by their honours
The ones that they’ve just adopted
Seeing as they sail these seas
With a flag sown for royalty
But underneath they are just the same
Pirate with a different name

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