Life Is A Ride That Keeps On Spinning

Stuck on the merry-go-round
My head is beginning to pound
Dizzy from the spin
Vision is blurring
Just like life
You can get lost sometime
But don’t simply give in
Keep on pushing
Aim for the next goal
Doesn’t matter if its big or small
What matters is that you care
And don’t just sit there
Staring at the empty walls
Wondering how you came to fall
Such a thing is not the point
You need to move forward
Look toward the shining light
Whatever makes you feel bright
Ignore all the shots of dark
It always looks so stark
Instead just get off the ride
Take a breath and choose your side
Then just walk on by
Don’t listen to the questions why
You don’t owe them a thing
Its up to you how you’re living

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