Little Time

Ever stop and look at the world?Or do you just keep moving forward?Cause one day your young and then your notBlink too much and it’ll be spentEighteen to thirty in a minute Life is shortSo open your armsTime is fleetingEnjoy your living Ever forget the age you are?Or have you micromanaged this far?Cause thats justContinue reading “Little Time”


Why do things have to be so difficult?Artificial barriers of malcontentA hamster wheel we call developmentAided by consumer culture detrimentTrapped within our self-imposed limitConvinced that we should hold our spaceWhile encouraging only a slow paceBut is a rung where we belong?Or should we continue to strive on?Climbing up the endless cliffIgnoring whether we’re part ofContinue reading “Confined”

A Single Day

The sun rises on another dayTwenty four hours is the realityIt starts off dark and with little lightBefore our star rises up into sightBirds do call at the dawn breakingWith human beings leaping into momentumGetting from their cozy bedsThey prepare for what lies aheadTake a shower and eat some foodBefore they head out onto theContinue reading “A Single Day”