What’s With…

What’s with the bottle?Is it for comfort?Won’t stop you feeling awful,Or becoming triumphant.So how about you try speaking to me?I’m not here to judge, or make you feel guilty.Just think it might help, but it’s up to you.I’ve seen the way you’re crumbling and sinking from view.We all know the cause, or at least canContinue reading “What’s With…”

Life In Splatters

Splatters on the windowpaneI admit I feel the sameWhat is the norm is not for meFeels too much like being stuck reallySo I know I must divergeLeap across field and vergeSearch for where my soul feels rightIt might take my entire life Call this a waste but I don’t careYou are happy always sitting thereIContinue reading “Life In Splatters”

Monotony Is Monotone

Hi! Hope you all are well. This Wednesday, as is normal, I have a new story (it’s about 8,200 words). It’s a Sci-Fi story, eventually, but was not written like one. Usually, I know a story is Sci-Fi whereas this one I had to think on its categorisation. Don’t want to spoil anything but theContinue reading “Monotony Is Monotone”

Life Is A Ride That Keeps On Spinning

Stuck on the merry-go-roundMy head is beginning to poundDizzy from the spinVision is blurringJust like lifeYou can get lost sometimeBut don’t simply give inKeep on pushingAim for the next goalDoesn’t matter if its big or smallWhat matters is that you careAnd don’t just sit thereStaring at the empty wallsWondering how you came to fallSuch aContinue reading “Life Is A Ride That Keeps On Spinning”


I wrap my hands around my heartFear is always prepared to startAnother shot into the veinLife feels like an endless chainCoiling round until your stuckWhat to do when it’s upAre we supposed to run the race?Keep going forward with our disgraceWrithe around like empty soulsWaiting until we grow oldIf that’s the case then I foregoIContinue reading “Tightening”

Make It True

Smile past the disasterDon’t look for a masterShoot for the starsNo matter where they areNever let the night winYou can always start againLife is what you chooseDon’t settle and loseFight for what you wantEase is not a part of itBeauty in the empty spacesThe very best of your placesWhile the guilty run and hideYou canContinue reading “Make It True”

Little Time

Ever stop and look at the world?Or do you just keep moving forward?Cause one day your young and then your notBlink too much and it’ll be spentEighteen to thirty in a minute Life is shortSo open your armsTime is fleetingEnjoy your living Ever forget the age you are?Or have you micromanaged this far?Cause thats justContinue reading “Little Time”


Why do things have to be so difficult?Artificial barriers of malcontentA hamster wheel we call developmentAided by consumer culture detrimentTrapped within our self-imposed limitConvinced that we should hold our spaceWhile encouraging only a slow paceBut is a rung where we belong?Or should we continue to strive on?Climbing up the endless cliffIgnoring whether we’re part ofContinue reading “Confined”