Whether It Be

Criticise what you don’t understandNo attempt to learn the brandJust want to spread so many liesWell how about you just shut up, alright? We don’t need the crap that rolls out your mouthJust let us be and we’ll do our thingWhether it be game, read, draw or sing Wanting all to just conformBut every personContinue reading “Whether It Be”

Take The Hate

You’re looking for monstersLet me fit the billYou want someone to hate onThen I’ll take the illCause you just want a demonSo you can stop the feelingBut it won’t fade awayYou just really want to hate me With the rise of a new dayChoose me as the enemyDrive the knives in my backAct like I’mContinue reading “Take The Hate”


And back to both longer story (about 14,000 words) and Sci-Fi. Truth be told while the setting is Sci-Fi that is not the focus of the story. Really, I would term this a psychological horror. Don’t really want to say much more than that because I might reveal something that could spoil the story. Instead,Continue reading “Augur”

Words In A Vacuum

It started as a whisperThen it soon did growNo point in changing pitcherIt will still overflow Cause from the source of all you hateComes the life that you can’t shakeDo something and not pretendThat which is born cannot endYou might think stars are your masterOr maybe that gods awaitBut truth is you are a victimTheContinue reading “Words In A Vacuum”

Tales Of Days To Come

I taste the feast without an ounce of truthWhat comes next will leave you shookA bright green flash did blind my eyesThen came the figure from the riseWith two long legs and a tiny skullI couldn’t see a weapon in its mighty pawInstead it simply gave a nameProblem is, it was beyond my frameThe wordsContinue reading “Tales Of Days To Come”

In Flame

You burn todayYou burn tomorrowYou burn until life is hollow Along the path of shattered nightRoam the plains with a lack of sightHoping for a different lensDoling blame out again You burn todayYou burn tomorrowYou burn until life is hollow Bearing gifts of lies most debonairePlanting seeds of we don’t careThe lands are turning toContinue reading “In Flame”

Force Of Nature

In comes the stormAre you feeling worn?Trapped out in the rainTiny flecks of painBouncing off the skinLittle more than paper thin Soon it turns to iceStinging with every sliceDrenched to the boneOut here all aloneStarting to feel illNo cure by taking a pill Winds do howl againIgnoring everythingWhistle as they passDon’t care about the massRippingContinue reading “Force Of Nature”

World Tree

This week is different. Well in as far as the story this time isn’t Sci-Fi! I know it’s surprising. Felt like a change and so this story is very much fantasy. The idea here is that humanity are not the first species of their kind on Earth. Plus it’s short (for me) at 8,300 words.Continue reading “World Tree”

Knife’s Edge

Burn down corruption and feel nothingSuch is the way that things must be seenIf we don’t then we’ll just fade awayHumanity was never going out any other wayIf you thought it was you were fooling yourselfThis species is not in good healthJust a stain upon the crustIn those words you should trustCause once we’re goneContinue reading “Knife’s Edge”