Perspective Shift

Tooth and nail, we will prevailSail the oceans beyond the paleWinds of change and waters of lifeFighting past the path of strife Climb the walls of brand new dayReach for a point beyond entropyWithout the ceiling of what they chooseA hamster wheel that limits your mood While the waves come crashing downTurn that frown upsidedownTakeContinue reading “Perspective Shift”

Reflections Of The Same

I stuck a knife in youJust to see whats trueWrapped in ethereal hazeCan’t we get back to those days? Shuffling through azure fieldsWhat I say is all stealLooking at the layered skyMoments before you wave and cry Lying to change the tuneThe modern era is a tombRasping out words that biteWill you use your secondContinue reading “Reflections Of The Same”

Scale And Prevail

Climb the mountain to the passThe chilling air is falling fastClawing at the skin that is not wrappedI feel it burning and becoming chappedIf only the snow would just relentI might be able to erect my tentBy with these winds and my limited viewTrying that would fail through and throughInstead I need a rock inContinue reading “Scale And Prevail”

The Meeting

This week I have the story The Meeting. It’s a Sci-Fi tale (about 10,000 words) involving a bounty hunter and a prospective client on a mining platform in a distant star system. This story probably isn’t going to unfold how you might expect it. That’s all I’m going to say. Hope you enjoy it! VigoContinue reading “The Meeting”