Unification Severance

Here we are again for another story. This week is definitely what I would call typical me. It’s Sci-Fi. Full Sci-Fi and is about AI. Maybe you can get something from the title with that information, maybe you can’t. You’ll just have to read it and find out what this one is all about. Enjoy!Continue reading “Unification Severance”


Judge by today what came beforeI do not condone either orStamp out history for its mistakesHow are we showing that we’ve aged?Still simple children screaming for sweetsExcept you want blood for all misdeedsMust be nice to have never faltered at allOh wait you’re ignoring your fatal flawBut just burn all we have downHumanity still failingContinue reading “Incendiary”

New Normal

Waiting for the lights to go outHoping I won’t hear a shoutLooking for a different streamWords unspoken by a dreamDrifting on the silent airWill we ever be getting there?Stale weeks of feeling trappedPeople have started to floutDon’t they see the damage to come?Or would they rather we come undone?Staring at the empty fieldsLifeless roads likeContinue reading “New Normal”

Perfect Escape

Walk into the gardenAll green around meBeyond comprehensionCan’t understand beauty With all of the flowersThe scents and aromasIts like a garden of EdenFeel like I’m dreaming Birds are a chirpingAnd bees are a buzzingPeace overwhelmingBrand new dimension Bounce with every stepJoy from disconnectDon’t want to leave hereNo ounce of fear Roam for some hoursSky filledContinue reading “Perfect Escape”

You Won’t Break Me

Call me scum or some similar thingDo you really think I’m listening?Just a voice in the oceanFilled with spite and a dose of poisonNo reason to take your words to heartIf I did that I’d have fallen apart Get a lifeGet a clueGet whatever you want me to Hurl heavy objects at my headYou’re feedingContinue reading “You Won’t Break Me”

Pictured Imperfect

Picture of heresyThe one I keep close to meFree thinking with free thoughtA long way from my last resortUnbridled vision of sad to seeShattered wings carried new diseaseHunting wild with a savage eyeCandies meant to wave goodbyeRising waters will soon claimThe victims unable to exclaimWhirring tones of sullied moonThe dead will be your forever tombPassContinue reading “Pictured Imperfect”

Real Disease

Disease ridden locusts called humanityDo you really think we have superiority?Burning all we can until there is only ashSickening state that we try and crashHide it deep beneath the bloody wallsSad to say you can still hear the crying foolsWe’re all guilty but you won’t agreeToo busy calling for another shot of insanity As apathyContinue reading “Real Disease”