Monster In Our Midst

Yay we’ve got to the end of April. Might not sound like an achievement but it feels like one as writing has been slower for me recently. Still, I’m proud I’ve got here. Anyway, to the reason as to why we’re here, the story. It’s a mixture of Sci-Fi and fantasy. Not something I’ve reallyContinue reading “Monster In Our Midst”


As is often the case while writing, for me at least, this story changed a bit between when I had the idea and it being written. For starters I went back and forth on the opening. At one time it was going to start halfway through the first section, then at the second until finallyContinue reading “3R”

Warped Glory

This time round I have a story in which there are no heroes. It might seem like one or two are but they aren’t meant to be. It’s a world in which everyone is out for themselves. At the time of writing it there was no thought as to what inspired it but looking atContinue reading “Warped Glory”

Forging Steel

Time has come for another story post. This week I’ve got a story that was inspired by the Halo Universe, the Spartan program to be exact. Yet, it has my own twist on the general idea of creating the perfect soldier, who isn’t meant to be as perfect or as anonymous as a Spartan-II. ButContinue reading “Forging Steel”

Wheels Keep Turning

I’ve got a post-apocalyptic fare for you all to read this week. On purpose there isn’t a full explanation as to what happened. My hope is you’ll get a few minor hints and then come to your own conclusions. I think that’s kinda fun, to be honest. Anyway, the story involves several characters. There areContinue reading “Wheels Keep Turning”


OK, this is the last of the stories I have planned for the universe which has featured in these Wednesday posts thus far this year. This one is set before the last two and is quite different. There is essentially no mention of technology whatsoever. Not sure whether that really qualifies it as a Sci-FiContinue reading “Underdog”


Hey, back again with another story. This one is again Sci-Fi (which is no surprise) and is set in the same universe as last weeks. However, it is not a sequel, prequel, sidequel or anything like that. It is a self-contained story. Really, it’s less about the setting and more about relationships. Wow, it’s quiteContinue reading “Phobe”


Hi! Happy 2022! Yeah, I know it’s not the first post of the year and that I already put up a post saying Happy New Year but it doesn’t hurt to say it more than once. Plus, this is the first post of the year where I introduce something. And to that ends I haveContinue reading “Divergent”

Aurion Reflex

OK, this is not the story I originally intended on writing, not at all. In fact what I started, twice over, was a Sci-Fi Western but I couldn’t make it work, sadly. It’s scrapped now. Not sure if I’ll ever revisit it. In its place I came up with this story, quite inexplicably. This IContinue reading “Aurion Reflex”

Pieces In Play

This week’s story is influenced by Halo. If you know the franchise you’ll probably be able to tell. If not don’t worry it isn’t important other than this is a military sci-fi story. It has a bit of a twist to it too. Not going to spoil it but this is a longer story atContinue reading “Pieces In Play”