Made a mistake and now I’m haunted
Don’t think I deserve to be this taunted
We all screw things up from time to time
Doesn’t mean I should be treated like grime
Crushed beneath the heel of a heavy boot
My life does not need to be made moot

Suffering is not the way to make a change
All it does is make me feel more ashamed
Drive a blade between a couple of ribs
String me up so I can be slaughtered like pigs
What does that acutally even accomplish?
Other than to make me a being demolished

So tell me now what should I do
Or is violence all that’s wanted by you?

Took a stumble down the steps
For that I am condemned to the depths
Targetted by every living soul
Stripped of all that I call control
Punishment with which I do not agree
It would be more humane to dispose of me

Ignorance is not a perfect excuse
But it was used as a form of proof
The method through which I became the fool
Stared at as though I am a some tool
Not worth the air that I consume
Eyes that judge I should be sent to my doom

So tell me now what should I do
Or is violence all that’s wanted by you?

Now I sit in the darkest of rooms
Convinced that I am one of the loons
Sifting through the piles of dirt
All I feel is mountains of hurt
Condemned to an eternity of blame
No redemption for when I wasn’t tame

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