Future Fading

Truth has been sold
Deemed to be too old
Price wasn’t worth the cost
As we trudge through the lost
Angels have become a memory
Drowned in the depths of conspiracy
While sabers rattle and moan
Another life is turned to stone
Politics have become endless lies
Not a time to be alive
With shattered sounds of heresy
Lets cast ourselves into the sea
Boiling fractures from empty tomes
We constructed only selfish homes
Damning those that don’t agree
You want to breed utter misery
As devils rise but refuse the deal
Even they are sickened by the meal
What they wished has faded grey
Light has turned to decay
Faded shadows are all that lives
Nothing left for us to give
Treading water in the smog
Without hope of a life saving log
We cling to little but a lie
Soon will come our final cry

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