Here Is Luck

Wish upon a falling star
Be who you really are
Ignore what will never fit
There’s no point in bothering with it
So focus on what is best
Don’t listen to what they say is next
A test is just a little thing
You are so much more than them

Rub on a rabbits foot
New great plan will be put
Out into the sweet air
No need to fear it once it’s there
Every thought you have is gold
Don’t let that light go cold
Such a thing would be a waste
You are best when on the case

Hang up the horses shoe
The next stage is all you
What a life you can live
So many to share it with
Every day a new adventure
Don’t need to indenture
Link yourself to a page
You might as well be a sage

Discover a four leaf clover
Sure that it’ll never be over
But haven’t noticed the trend
These items do not extend
A form of luck unto you
What has happened is not accrued
You have made your own luck
It’s why you continue to truck

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