Hi! I don’t usually do introductions to poetry posts, but this one is different. It’s a tribute to my favourite game, Destiny. And in this I used the name of some of the exotic weapons from the game and made a poem out of them. Some work better than others, but think it turned out quite well overall.

I’ll have the last word,
Once I’ve been the thorn in your side
Cause my regime,
Isn’t something I will hide
So as the first curse feasts upon your bones
Just remember that there is no land beyond

While anarchy,
Rains down from the sky
Truth will,
Claw at your bright eyes
Even as you hide in your symmetry
Be sure that the prospector is where its supposed to be

Just before your,
Worldline drops to zero
Make sure that,
The colony is pure and simple
Cause the rat king might aim for the vein
And the last thing we want is a wave-splitting

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