Storm The Summit

Against all odds Jax is back on his feet. He’s had to use all the Bonehard he has about his person to do it but the hardening gel is doing a good enough job for the moment. It won’t last but while it does Jax is able to hobbles, with much great instability than he would like, off the elevator, once it arrives at its destination.

Unsurprisingly, there are a number of goons waiting for him. Jax gets the drop of them, which tells him more about their suitability for their roles than it does his training. Still, with them felled and no one the wiser due in large part to him using a suppressor, Jax awkwardly pushes forward. It seems the rest of the floor is clear. He’s pleased about that. His concern was that this storey would have an insurmountable numbers of enemy combatants between him and the Linqi CEO. If that had happened he would have been forced to detonate the explosives without being sure Mortimer would be atomised in the blast. This way, Jax will get his wish to look the despot CEO in the eye prior to ending his life. This is doubly true if Mortimer shoots him because Jax has tied the detonator in his vaguely free and mutilated hand to his heart rate. That means if Jax dies, in any way the explosives on the floor below him go boom. Best of all, Lister adds an anti-tamper to all his charges so if anyone tries anything on those he’s set they get a blast of toxic gas. It’s lethal and kills in seconds. That was of Lister’s own creation. Not the gas itself just the presence of it as an anti-tamper. Such a thing is not at all standard Agency issue but there is no doubting that it is highly effective. Jax has seen what it can do on many occasions previously and whatever he used has always been potent stuff.

It takes Jax eight minutes to cross the empty open expanse and reach the narrow hallway that he can only surmise leads to Mortimer’s office. The pain in his legs is near unbearable and yet he pushes forward. To be honest he’s no longer just doing this for humanity. Really he’s doing this for his fallen friends first as well. In fact, Jax thinks he might be doing it for them most of all. He owes them that much and that is part of the reason he has no intention of getting out of this alive. After all, he doesn’t want another squad. Zeta and its now deceased members were his squad, his family and they are irreplaceable. There will never be three guys like Lister, Teddy and Ferris. They and Jax are old dogs, but ones who were capable of learning new tricks until the very end.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt this is the end, Jax thinks upon having reached a massive wall of floor to overly high ceiling glass. Mortimer has his back to the interior curved glass wall. He’s too busy staring out over the city and what he undoubtedly thinks is now his world. Jax smiles at the thought of shattering the insane hopes of the Linqi CEO. Still, he would be remiss if he didn’t take note or notice of the nearly two dozen dead bodies occupying all but one of the chairs around the long oval shaped wooden table. A table which marries perfectly with the polished wooden floor it is sat upon. The same one Jax is bleeding all over with reckless abandon.

The green eyed CO of Zeta pushes, with difficulty, the glass door open to slip inside. Mortimer hears the movement and turns. His face instantly drops from a broad smile to a mixture of confusion and disgust.

“Who are you? Where is Declan?” Are the words that leak from between Mortimer’s barely parted cracked lips.

“Declan can’t come to the phone right now, he’s too busy being red paste. Me on the other hand, I’m your reckoning.” Jax can think of no better retort. He was never built for speeches or witty comments. He’s a soldier and has always been better at giving and following orders, succinct and to the point. He couldn’t’ feel more out of his depth than he does allowing those words to pass his blood stained lips. He can taste the blood. Most of it isn’t his. Not that it matters. He’ll be dead soon.

“You, you’re a cripple.” Mortimer laughs clearly unafraid of the largely immobile Jax. “You can do me no harm.”

“Wanna put all your money and power on that, cause all your goons up until this point are lying face down, dead. That’s including those that were posted just beyond that hallway back there.” Jax is smug. He knows he has the upper hand and is fully aware of the gun in Mortimer’s grasp. It’s of little concern. He doubts the Linqi CEO would be able to understand that even if he was aware.

“In your state I doubt you’d manage much before I do this.” Mortimer raises his arm, the one holding the gun, and points it squarely at Jax, who laughs. Mortimer’s brow furrows. He doesn’t understand what is so funny. He is threatening this man, this intruder, this invader with death. People don’t laugh in the face of such things. They cower and beg; like the members of the board who are slumped in their seats dead around him as a result of he, Declan and a handful of his security team having opened fire upon them.

“You don’t get why I’m laughing do you?” Jax continues to chuckle. He gets no reply and so he lets Mortimer in on the reason as to why. It doesn’t matter if he knows. In fact the Zeta CO thinks it’ll be quite the epiphany.

“You see this, it’s a detonator.” Mortimer’s eyes go wide; his finger squeezes the trigger of the weapon in his hand a little harder.

“You can shoot me, but either way you’re going to be blasted to dust. You see there the explosives set on the floor directly below us. And…” Jax pauses for grim effect. Mortimer continues to squeeze the trigger a little bit more.

“…because it’s linked to my heart rate. So either way you’re a dead motherfucker.” Jax laughs. It’s painful and quickly morphs into a coughing fit.

Mortimer finds the Agents pain mildly reassuring but doubts this man has the stomach to suicide. That is why the CEO takes on a suddenly arrogant posture and utters, “You don’t want to die my dear…”

“Jaxson Orin. Friends call me Jax and no we’re not friends.” Jax snarls but plays along. He can guess where this is going. Mortimer thinks the failsafe on the detonator is a bluff, but isn’t about to risk his hide and so believes he might be able to do some kind of deal. Jax will let him believe it’s on the cards until he decides he doesn’t want to play along anymore and then the top of this tower will go boom.

“Jaxson, you are clearly capable, dependable. I have an opening, so how about you come work with me? With my money you’ll be better than you’ve ever been and capable of felling any soul who might be stupid enough to get in your way.” Mortimer is bartering but it’s not an offer he would follow through on. He thinks the Zeta CO will take it but won’t live to enjoy his life. Mortimer will stab him in the back. After all, he didn’t get to where he is today without removing those who pose a threat. Except for Declan, he knew his place, alas he is gone now.

“You know…” Jax begins after a long pause of pretend consideration. His words have Mortimer on the edge of his seat, or would if the CEO were sitting and not standing. “…that sounds like an amazing proposition. Is there dental?” Jax smirks. Mortimer snarls but before he can re-raise his weapon and pull the trigger Jax depresses the button on the detonator.

A series of booms fill the air, deafening both men. Less than a second later the room around them begins to break apart and then they too are consumed in the devastation.

Mortimer managed to make it three leaping paces before his life was claimed. Meanwhile, Jax made no such attempt. He simply rolled his eyes closed and embraced his fate, death. It was as close to instantaneous as you can get.

The result of the explosion is that the top eleven stories of Linqi Lance are atomised into ash and dust. There is no debris. Nothing rains down to the ground below. It marks the end of the most powerful man the world has ever seen. His reign lasted maybe a couple hours, max. He was the last of his kind. There will be no one like him ever again and everyone will be safer as a result of that.

 Yet, in the aftermath decisions will have to be made about what will happen to Linqi. That includes its future existence, assets, holdings and subsidiaries. However, those are considerations for others to dream up and execute. All that matters is that tyranny died before it got a chance to gain a foothold.

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