Not Meant To Be

You say one
I’ll say two
But if say three
I’ll simply flee
Cause this is not the happy halls
Ruptures have forged the falls
Blowing at the static spires
The ones from which you conspired
Information overload
Searching for another mode
Uniform state of pause
This has began the cause
Of warring over empty words
Neither of us will be heard
Guilt across every lane
A duo wrapped in hate again
Screaming with our tortured tongues
Air is lost from the lungs
No party can claim they’re innocent
Pair focused on hell bent
Shattered within the storms eye
What a way to continue the lie
Eroded by the sands of flaw
We hounded one another until the boar…
Waded across our open graves
Tried to claim we were braves
All that followed is on us though
This is why we need to go
Split before the great disaster
If we don’t it’ll spiral faster

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