Why are we still on the wheel?
It gives us no time to feel
One false move and you trip
After that it’s difficult to grip
So why don’t we just pause
Take a moment to review the clause
Cause none of us signed a contract
That is nothing but a fact

Convinced ourselves we need more
What a drastic kind of flaw
As none of it will stop the lust
In human nature you should not trust
Cause it’s a creation of our mind
The type that leads you to grind
Fail to see the futility
Disintegration of you and me

Cling to rungs of the ladder
Trying to ascend past disaster
But what goes up must come down
In the end you’ll wear the frown
Join the mass among the debris
Lost what you thristed to be
Now you are right back at the start
Wondering if you should’ve taken part

Do these items make you happy?
Something tells me you still feel crappy
Dwelling on what could have been
If only you had ignored the dream
Ideas that were forced into your head
None of which you dreamed in bed
They are a facsimile of new joy
What you now know to be a ploy

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