Infect, Die, Repeat

Infect, die, repeat
Man is obsolete
Bodies in the bags
Raising of white flags
What a way to live
Like being convicted
Sentenced to the grave
Contrary to brave
Ignore what should be done
Recycled lie again
Cast out all the fact
Breaching of a pact
Slither through the reeds
Not the way to be
Siphon from the core
Exploiting fatal flaw

Perish not remain
Cast the world in flame
Cackle in the dark
Reject what is stark
Contrast is the proof
Numbers through the roof
Yellow to the bone
Head empty like a cone
Watch as it comes down
Smile forced into a frown
Punish innocent
Until all life is spent
Idolise the note
Just like a turncoat
No morals remain
Left us all in pain

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