Sabotaged By Your Disaster

You don black wings, to start ascension
Pity that you, sold redemption
So now you flounder, all for nothing
Desperate to become, the next something
But that ship has sailed, and left you waiting
Your hope is gone, and now your hating

Self-infliction, that you can’t settle
Failed the test, broke your mettle
Paralysed by the loss, of no inclusion
That’s why you tried, to sow confusion
But truth has risen, to strip your shielding
So now you sit, with just some yielding

Your time has come, and your still sitting
A shreik so high, you hope its fitting
The truth is that, no ones listening
Which is why, your eyes are glistening
But you won’t stop there, as you shout victim
So here it ends, with no real wisdom

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