Patented your own brand of hate
All your words are wrong and fake
Sick of hearing you blather on
Hurry up and be gone
No time to sit and listen
Your shining star is still missing
Severed your reality
Just your presence is draining me

Get away
Station not propriety

Forging pain with a slip of the tongue
Feel a tightening in my lung
What you wish is to breed a stain
The one from which comes all your fame
So never come back around
Wish is you will not be found
Cut the cord and drift
Through these bones we will not sift

Get away
Station not propriety

Countless tallies and none were true
What this brought was nothing new
Old pain based upon a shattered display
We need you to go so far away
Punctured holes across our hope
You planned to make us all broke
No care for what would come
A better name for you would be scum

Get away
Station not propriety

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