Surrounded by a sea of fire
Manifestation of your desire
Seen the brave try and get close
Managed only to become toast
Burned right down into ash
From that there is no way back
But not your doing I will say
Your brilliance was too much to pay

Stranded on an empty shore
Loneliness you feel so much more
Like being put up on a shelf
Not good for your mental health
To make it worse you see shapes
Doubt any will conquer landscapes
Set foot upon the pristine sand
You feel like happiness has been banned

Fixed to a point in time
No one has yet crossed that line
Desperation has gone too far
You feel you’re stuck in a jar
Gilded cage through which you watch
If only traps could be botched
Tricked into failure first
Maybe hope might then quench your thirst

Trapped in a realm beyond
In this place you feel wronged
None of this was your choice
They even stole your voice
Locked here to rot away
Each day only breeds decay
What a place to be trapped
Reliance on another is your way back

To your surprise you hear a knock
It comes with the chiming clock
At first you conclude it is a lie
Especially as you are condemned to die
Be stuck in this place of pain
Forever circling the drain
Then you raise your head and see
The figure standing there smiling is me

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