Riding along the walls of gold
From the market that turned cold
The night air is setting in
And the voices are lost to oblivion

Wings of white seem so grey
With rusty nails screaming decay
But none of this can be real
If it is then I surrender to deal

Now the snow is knee deep
My horse is lost in eternal sleep
But still I carry on this way
Will I reach shelter before I fade away?

The cave is damp but warm enough
I’m delirious and in the buff
I can’t be cause I see the cloth
It’s wrapped around and feels rough

I wake from slumber with a start
The fire is little more than bark
Blackened to thin crispy wisps
I look around and find nothing

Venturing out into the light
The storm has passed and I’m alright
But where I go I cannot see
The snow has hidden the route I need

Days later and I’m about to drop
My water dry and food eaten up
I’m crawling now and seeing double
The world is about to burst my bubble

Finally I can take no more
Everything has become a chore
So now I lie in the dirt
No longer with life will I flirt

Then I see a flash of gold
But this time there is no cold
Then the wings of white appear
But no items howl in fear

I feel a hand rest on me
But I simply cannot see
I’m barely conscious anymore
Please save me from this war

Before I know it I’m back again
Standing on my legs so thin
Not a pain or an ache
It’s like I’ve travelled in time and space

Maybe it all was a dream
That is why I feel serene
Not a chance I will take
As I stand in the marketplace

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