Worm your way in through the open door
What once stood is not here anymore
Seperated forms of something that used to be
One and one is two and neither of us are free
So diverge along the standard line
Sick of hearing the words: are you feeling fine?
Talk is cheap and so are they
Philosophy at the end of the overlong day

Indent again just to break on through
Not a second of what is happening is new
Retread the steps until the feeling dawns on you
Cause two by two won’t be the answer so
Collect your things and carry on
We are joining the trail of both of us are wrong
Not a moment for which I feel shame
Better to be honest than multiply the pain

Coalesce and see where we land
This has become our engraved brand
Jitters until the sun might rise and shine
Rather be living than be wrapped in lime
And forcing chance is not the way
Do that and unity might simply turn and fray
So listen now until the end
You will be driven right around the bend

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