Twist It In

A stab to the back
Not giving you the slack
Weaved a lie filled web
Trying to make us dead
But the cries will not fail
Our hopes will prevail
Now stop all the hate
Victim of a mate
You were the monster
Beast with no honour
Striking at the heart
Making it turn dark
Ice in the veins
Killing off the brains
Corpse to a shell
Condemned to hell
Soldier without a cause
Violent pack of flaws
Twist until the rise
A circling of flies
Breed another bastard
Keep the damsel plastered
Twist into a whore
You are filled with gore
Nothing but a shade
Shouldn’t have been made
So get away from us
There is no lie we’ll trust
Your face has been revealed
Future here is sealed
You are so alone
There is no home

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