Eulogy to what you thought was necessary
Faded away into obscurity
A shift did happen and we must follow
Start afresh to continue
Cause what was once will not be again
Don’t rely on hope unending
Just a path we all have to tread
Better than being dead
That’s the alternative and you will refuse
I did to but there is news
Heed the message and help with change
Otherwise we’ll slip down the drains
Prophecy has nothing on what we now face
Argument has become disgrace
Just do what must be done and don’t complain
Doing this will stem the pain
I would say stop but that would be a lie
Give you ammo to scream a cry
Fuel the hate you wish to perpetuate
Not helping you be labelled great
So do what we should all know is the right call
Do not aid in the species downfall

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