By Private Eyes

Lies shrouded in decency
These are the words spoken to me
Then found your corporate structure
Perfectly fabricated culture
All to build a certain type of fame
One determined to place the blame
Denounce all with which they don’t agree
Set a stage draped in allegory
While shackling those who conform
Not freedom but a mass prison
It’s control and you won’t look
If you did you might be shook
Question all to which you pledged
Their crimes are more than alleged

Repitition in their claims
Never do they give any of the names
It’s why no reprecussions come
They see us all as blind and dumb
Sheep who need to be led
To our final place to tred
But accept their words we should not
Public relations is all they’ve got
If we refuse then they wane
That will allow us to break the chain
Wriggle free and start a new
No longer be manipultated too
What a thought we should hold
Ignore all the things you’ve been told

Deception forged into a world order
Our horizons could be broader
If we refute and strike out alone
Don’t play along like a drone
Choice is ours and let that be true
If we do they’ll cease the spew
Be cast out into the cold
Otherwise our future is already sold
Do you want to be part of the fault?
Then disregard and it’ll halt
These are the final moments that remain
Do it now or we’ll go down in flame
Words I speak and I hope you’ll hear
Cause we can live without a ounce of fear

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