What Am I?

You say I can’t look up
What a load of crock
Even if I often choose not to
You’ve seen it happen though
While I spend my time doing little
Eat a bit then lounge non-committal
I process I repeat each day
Not quite true but it’ll do
Five then pause for a couple
Only to restart the same cycle
But have you guessed who I am?
No, you’re still struggling
Think I’m just a lazy soul
Drifting along the endless flow
Would it help if I gave a clue?
I’m happy if you refuse too
Though, truth be told you’re really cold
Think you’ll fail to reach the gold
So here it is I’ll let you know
I have four legs, eat bones and bark at you
What a look you have upon your face
Don’t you feel so out of pace?
It wasn’t that hard and now you see
I am what I’ll always be
A dog, a canine, a man’s best friend
Never will I be a trend

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