Ascend The Spire

Climbing up this endless rise
Will I ever reach the prize?
I cannot say what does await
Maybe this is a grave mistake
All while the world is turning
I’m unaware of how bad I’m burning
The air is thin and it’s hard to breathe
I feel like I might have a disease
But I can’t say if that’s true
I just want to see the view
Get a glimpse at my reward
Even if everyone else is bored
Sick of what has become so dull
Nothing for them has a pull
But I refuse to be the same
I play this life like a game
Hence why the rules are mine
Otherwise I would be far from fine
So as I kick into the ice
I could pay the ultimate price
But soon I should reach the summit
Then I can gaze out upon it
Have a smile carved across my face
Surrounded by the empty space
One with nature and the world
No longer locked up like a caged bird
So I keep my movement steady
My axes always at the ready
Then a change does suddenly come
I find that I’ve got it done
Stand tall and gaze long
This will never feel wrong
Sadly I didn’t know the cost
I will become part of the lost
Never to leave this final place
A trade that I can’t erase
While I turn to a solid mass
I will watch as time does pass

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