A galaxy wrapped in violence
But all that happens in silence
No one hears the planets die
As they sink into the horizons eye
What we see is past
None of it will last
Collisions change the form
Creating some new born
But the rocks continue to tumble
It’s like they simply fumble
Slip from where they stood
Now spiralling for good
Until the next impact
When it’s death or a new tract
The cycle will continue
Long before and after you
Now see if you can grasp
Or has is slipped from the clasp
Leaving you in the dust
Wondering what you should trust
But will you think it through
Or let it all get the best of you
After all there will be no pause
The galaxy has no clause
It just keeps on moving
Nothing to need proving
Just remember the lights
Those that twinkle so bright
They are us and we are them
What has a beginning also has an ending

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