Pluck at the string
Hear it ring
Shivers up the spine
Feeling so fine
Rumble in the chest
So impressed
Turns to a song
Asking, what is wrong?
They are simple words
We’ve all heard
Don’t want an end
Make it a trend
Keep the melody going
The music is flowing
Upswing in the mood
Better than food
Head starts to bob
Oblivious to the mob
All do the same
Accepting the pain
Then comes the close
Resulting in throes
While drenched in joy
Better than a new toy
Hear the roaring sound
It even shakes the ground
Apologise for nought
Enraptured by what is brought
The sound of a string
And how it does ring
Never should it change
Or be cast in flames
Just feel the tingle
As the sound does mingle

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