Switch And Be Fallen

When your time is spent
Remember to repent
Clock-in before the plummet
You drop from the summit
What a sight to see
Never think to be
Judge what is now glass
You are so crass
Nothing but a shift
Forgotten how to lift
Lecture just to distract
You exist without fact
Outline in the sun
Ruining all the fun
Process of elimination
Beyond your comprehension
So you simply trip
Aiming to cause a flip
Fork in the track
Ending our way back
Landing in your world
Your wings are unfurled
You command the sky
Leaving us to lay down and cry
Cause this is not our home
We feel so alone
What a trick to pull
Your life should have been full
But you rolled the dice
Pretending to play nice
Fooled the fabric of time
With a simple rhyme
And now we see the truth
This is all the proof
Your time is not done
Repentence is for no one
Sorry we didn’t listen

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