Life In Splatters

Splatters on the windowpane
I admit I feel the same
What is the norm is not for me
Feels too much like being stuck really
So I know I must diverge
Leap across field and verge
Search for where my soul feels right
It might take my entire life

Call this a waste but I don’t care
You are happy always sitting there
I find the static as boring as sin
It was done before and will be again
That is why I choose not to be the same
If I was I’d go truly insane

Wonder down wherever I choose
What is good for me may not be for you
Life is a journey and none are repeats
Along these days we must conquer feats
What they’ll be we will never be able to say
Just have to face what comes our way

Jaunt until I find my space
Once I’m here I will know I’m safe
Words of anger lost to the breeze
Rather search than be stuck on my knees
Cause that’s not living at least to me
Sounds a lot like purgatory

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