War Machine

Here comes the war machine
Look how it does gleam
Cannons ready to go
Each of us wants to say no
Havok will soon be unleashed
Shattering of silence and peace
Then the thunder comes
Hammering of guns
I drop to the ground
Hope I won’t be found
Cower where I lie
Waiting for my time to die
Ends as swift as it begun
I am the last still breathing

Screech across the skies
War machine on the rise
Sonic boom in my chest
Barely believe I survived this
Survivor guilt seeps in
Why am I still standing?
Question I cannot answer
Feel like a chancer
Then I hear it coming back
Ready for another attack
Sprint to cover and hope to live
How many more prayers can I give?
The rumble shakes every bone
Not sure I’ll ever again see home

Barrage of fire rains down
Obliterating all the town
War machine with no remorse
Death is its only cause
Kill a few and then kill again
Leave no single soul existing
What a horror to behold
How can anyone be so cold?
Crowd the skies with devastation
Annihilate without contemplation
Air filled with burning smoke
Upon this I will certainly choke
But then the final bombs do fall
No escape I will join the death toll

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