Fight Of Fools

Throwdowns only lead to showdowns
And that’s the last thing we want in this town
Cause when the crowds start growing the tension gets high
And before too long the fists start to fly
Then the sirens do blare across the air
Leaving everybody ready to stare
Out across the darkened sky
No one wants to say goodbye
So the brawl turns to a riot
There will be no chance for peace and quiet
As the demons do descend upon the Earth
Ready they are to welcome the birth
Of disaster born from the mountain of bile inside
No matter where you look all pride has expired
All while blood flows from the cup
Like it’s been spilled from a pup
A shrieking howl of desperate fools
No one can make out this is cool
And as the end draws real close
Both sides decide that they can boast
But every side has suffered the same
And this has been a battle of nothing
Just a descent into expansive black
None of this should have become a fact

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