Manor Of Brianna

Knock upon the eastern door
Waiting for so much more
What will come I don’t know
Emptiness is all that greets though

Whispers from the open halls
Seem to be a million calls
Step inside to find nought
Feelings are making me faught

Banging from the floor above
Place is devoid of love
A barren place to sleep
Only a dinstinctive creep

Giggles in the library
Last temporarily
Vast space filled with old books
How have these not been claimed by crooks?

Screaming from the kitchen space
Back and forth about disgrace
All that’s there is a ruin
Violence not just brewing

Then a chill runs down my back
Spin about to see the world go black
Rise and shine
All is fine
Words in my ear
They fill me with fear
Open your eyes
See the surprise
Conform and obey
What I see is not OK
Ghosts in front of me
Grinning so evily
I try to speak
They deem me weak
Silence my voice
I have no choice
Then they move in
Demand that I join them
Decision is gone
This is so wrong

I knock upon the eastern door
Waiting forever more
What will come I do know
From this place I can’t go

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