When Saviours Are Snakes

Watching the watchers cause the forest has died
They are the suits that brought upon this tide
Faceless nameless forms from the light
Dazzling all that glimpses the sight
But this is not how we wish to be viewed
That is a vision severely skewed
Fashioned just to form a habit
No one here should be considered rabid
As we are not the demons you wish us to be
All we want is for science to set us free
Instead we’re trapped within a box
And no one seems to give a fuck
What a situation to have to admit
That the saviours will never commit
Just weasel and lie until they get away
Then hide behind walls for the rest of the day
It’s like we’re just a disease to them
Not a part of the same ecosystem
That’s why we spy from the treetops up high
Waiting to unravel their selfish tie
The one that links them to condemnation
Something that is not part of mankinds creation
Just a poison that should not be
Stop with the feigning of pity
Just give us the truth and stop the delays
If you don’t then maybe we should throw fact in flames
Call it false and take our own wheel
Steer our course wherever we feel

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