Days In Short Supply

The next evening a massing was called for all the people of Venin to attend. Kazka made sure she was there and could not help but smile when she recalled Eifa saying that this is where it would be held. A day later than the old woman, now departed, had claimed but it still felt like she knew. Maybe she did, Kazka has no way of knowing what might be known to those close to their end for she has not yet reached it. Perhaps they can see what will follow, perhaps they cannot. One day she will know.

Regrettably like anything that involved Venin while it was in the depths of a struggle because of food shortages it did not take long for tempers to boil over and arguments to break out. And Kazka watched and listened to them all.

“This is proof we cannot stay here any longer!”

“What? How is this proof? One old woman dies and you want to up sticks and leave! Leave for where? Simarachi is our home!”

“Typical Tsuaru doesn’t get that it isn’t just about the old woman, but all those we have lost…”

“We’ve lost people too!”

“Just not as many, or as fast as, we of the Ymbal have!”

“Stop trying to measure loss, we are all in this together.”

“Are we? So why don’t we talk about our options?”

“Because you Ymbal think the only option is to flee, dessert these lands, our lands.”

“Well it is an option is it not?”

“No, it’s a death sentence. If we are struggling for food here what will happen if we go somewhere where there are no crops? We would have to start from scratch. Fine if you have a harvest to live off but we don’t.”

“More reason for us to leave. The soil is cursed and if we stay we will find only death here.”

“You’ll find more death elsewhere.”

“It is not an option.”

“I say it is.”

“Then you’re a fool.”

At the end of the massing there was no conclusion, no outcome. The two sides split down tribal lines could not reach a decision which satisfied a majority and so everyone went home defeated and lost.

If Kazka had been in a clearer state of mind at the time she might’ve cared but she was and did not. All she could think of were the lives lost. There were so many and even a rare showing from her brother Teeson had not been enough to stir her from her melancholy.

Her state of mind persisted for days before ultimately Teeson withdrew from her hunts to care for her. That was until he must have felt he could care for her no more. It was at this point he called for a healer. The woman came, checked Kazka and announced that the young woman was afflicted with grief. Teeson asked what he should do. The healer advised there was nothing he can do but wait. That Kazka would either break from her shell, her sadness, her melancholy or she would not.

Teeson, hearing this, was at a loss for this was most unlike his sister. It’s probably why he begged the healer for aid, to do something, anything which might bring Kazka round. The healer assured him there was nothing but offered to care for her until there an outcome came.

He thanked the healer, Amea, and offered her the only thing he had, a place to sleep I nthe relative warm and dry. She accepted for as a recent Tsuaru addition to Vinen she was without a place to call her own.

The process of reallocating homes in the town continued to be a slow one that few saw as priority. After all, food was the main concern, not the filling of empty houses in what seemed to be a dying town.

It was during this period of caring for Kazka that Amea and Teeson grew close. The healer, well travelled explained that Vinen was not alone in its suffering and that Pensaftu as well as all the other settlements of Samirachi were faring just as poorly. Teeson did not believe it, though never elaborated as to why, and unfortunately this difference in opinion led to tensions between the pair mounting much like they were between the two tribes in Vinen.

When finally Kazka broke from her melancholy, quite out of the blue, it was swiftly decided that Amea should depart. She and Teeson were no longer capable of conversation, only argument, and all he wanted by this time was to get back to a normal life, hunting. With Kazka back that became an option once more and so they returned to their lives as they were before Eifa’s death, with Teeson rarely to be seen and his sister working the fields.

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