Days In Short Supply

Hey look a prequel! Yes this is indeed a prequel to last weeks story. Quite different in tone and composition, I think. Whereas last weeks story was action this is more about the events, truncated and told by someone who was not present. Just to recap though for those who read the story last week,Continue reading “Days In Short Supply”

Veil Of Lies

New story day! Back to fantasy with this one. And it’s a lot shorter than the last (about 11000 words). Wasn’t sure about this one when I wrote it, but after going through it I’ve decided I do like it. I needed some changes and additions but what doesn’t. Anyway, that’s enough rabbiting from me.Continue reading “Veil Of Lies”

No More

A knife in the backHere you go againSearching for a weaknessBetraying a friendBut too little too lateYou won’t be fulfilling that hateI’m too busy moving past itSmiling into what’s comingInvincible from your painBetter luck on the next game Kick to the teethYou refuse to be beatAiming for my dreamsBut I’m far from thisOblivious to theContinue reading “No More”

Mere Man

You call me a saviour,But stop telling liesI’m simply a human,Falling from the skiesRose from the ashes,Ready to thrivePity I was trapped,And left to dieLabelled me the future,As you drove in the knifeGave me a crown,Just to watch me drownClaimed to be friend,While conspiringTook joy in the hate,You’re addicted to itSmiling as I faltered,Never compassionateStabbingContinue reading “Mere Man”

Stay Away

Should I listen one last time?I think I should just be ignoringHands over ears and humming loudI’ve never been all that proudJust don’t want to hear the excuseI know you can’t tell the truthFaced the reality so long agoJust wish I’d left then tooNot stayed and fed you my loveOnly for you to strike fromContinue reading “Stay Away”