If It Begins It Ends

All that begins will also end.
Rules which you cannot bend.
Try and you might get stuck.
Find yourself down in the muck.
Flattened beneath the crushing weight.
Particularly sad kind of fate.

Incline past the point of no return.
Answer will be the harshest burn.
Fight but see no conclusion in sight.
Like everything has lost its light.
Blind to all the newest forms of falter.
Body carved upon the cold altar.

Repress until the change of day.
Along these lines you will fray.
Build upon the slivers of glass.
Every word is some kind of farce.
Open dead eyes and gaze at the grave.
Gone are the days of being brave.

Stack the cells up to the sky.
Pass blame to the next guy.
A blueprint to which we stick.
It’s what has made epidermis thick.
But nothing will change impending oblivion.
Born from a raft of wrong decision.

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