Make Them Fit

Recite the words until they fit.
Once they do it’ll be all you spit.
Cause in the end its the same to you.
Just so long as it links with your view.

And all the lies have false meanings.
Misunderstood by lesser beings.
Souls upon which you swear.
Tell them all how little you care.

In the end they are but forms.
Can be broken down just like storms.
Then left to fester in the black.
Once committed there’s no way back.

But pretend you don’t have emotion.
For that you have not a notion.
We are slabs of simple living meat.
These casings are what you thirst to beat.

Breed – Your savagery.
Knit – True barbarity.
Rend – Flesh from bone.
Upon these shores is where you’ll roam.
Say it now.

Speak of how you’re proud.
Disaster is stuck and roiling.
Master plans that won’t be spoiled.
At least not until this phase shift.

And from these ashes you will forge.
Feast upon remains until engorged.
A husk without an ounce of soul.
Your figure has absolutely no control.

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