Refuse to serve as their bait.
Rise up and storm the gate!
Slavery for all is what they intend.
Break the chains of an establishment of pretend.

What is peace for them is death for us.
All they wish to do is truss.
Feed us to their endless hunger,
Just to make them ever stronger.
A crooked smile across a devious look.
Already they call for the cook.
But we don’t have to abide and cower.
They are not secure in their ivory tower.
Complacency has eroded their resolve.
Perfect opportunity to dissolve.
Sever the ties that bind us tight.
Freedom will be ours alright.
We won’t bend our knee and submit.
Our souls are filled with grit.
Defiance until the final chime.
We will soon shatter through the line.
Take back our right for decision.
Guaranteed you will buckle from the collision.

Refused to serve as their bait.
Rose up and stormed the gate!
Slavery was all that they intended.
Broke the chains of an establishment that pretended.

Freedom won and we prevailed.
Will reforge the system that has failed.
Carve out a new solution.
Reinvent so there is no need for absolution.
For that road only led to ruin.
Stopped us from joining in union.
That will never happen again.
No more dysfunction.

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