Natural Beauty

Perch up high above the fields of green.
Down below the world does gleam.
Trees like painted sticks with colour.
Bunched up unlike any other.
Great expanse unbroken by progression.
Some times there has to be a concession.
But change will never alter the scene.
One day what was lost will return again.

So spread your wings and sore.
What a universe to adore.
Breathtaking with diversity.
This will never fade to obscurity.

Gaze from beyond the bubble of life.
Up here the vacuum begs for sacrifice.
But do not heed what it demands.
Simply stare at the wondrous strands.
Each speck is a distant unchecked star.
Dream of one day venturing to there.
Bathe in vapours formed from matter.
The kind ejected out with a silent clatter.

Build your future and set sail.
Universe will form your tale.
Breathtaking with all its beauty.
Never will it sink to obscurity.

Cry ’til all is spent and done.
Don’t think this sadness that has won.
For what we see is beyond compare.
It burns as brightly as a flare.
Spewing light throughout our lives.
Never will it be condemned to archives.
Refute this and you will have failed to see.
This is what inspires everything from you and me.

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