Corner Of The Eye

Some hands are fettered and rotten.
They will try and make you forgotten.
Drag you down beneath the waves.
Fashion isolating chamber graves.
Shove you in and let you wallow.
It’ll feel like you can never swallow.
Just linger on the very edge.
Such things are their only pledge.

They are but the worst of us.
Obvious in how they’re sus.
But still you have to watch and wait.
If they grab hold its down they’ll grate.
Sever soul from earthly form.
Take away all since you were born.
Just don’t lose hope and call them victor.
Doing so will only turn you bitter.

Defeat is a two way street to travel.
Either side can be the one to unravel.
Its why you should always keep in mind,
That they are far along on their grind.
That is what makes them slow to change.
Why they are forever trying to be in range.
But resolve is what they fear most.
What remains of them is like a ghost.

Hollow and disconnected state of being.
Not something that they find freeing.
Hunter without a weapon in reach.
Why they keep silent and don’t preach.
So remember to watch where you tread.
Doing so will mean they end up shed.
Once thats done then they must move on.
For them you will then be gone.

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