Having been informed by a member of the crew that the director should be over by a table that forms a section of the set they’ll be shooting today, while said crew member was stooped low over a bundle of cable which looked more like a tangled mess, Seb is heading deeper still into the studio. He left the crewman mumbling obscenities but didn’t think this unit would be as sparsely filled as it is. By looks of things the set, TVC never do things on location unless there is no option, is wedged up the far end. He hasn’t a clue why but cares little for he is more concerned with his own worries and fears. Chief amongst them is whether accepting this offer is the right move for his career. Sadly however, it wasn’t as if he was receiving much else for Seb has become something of a pariah. As a result his career is on a definite decline with many feeling him difficult and overly opinionated both on and off-screen.

That is why this, he continues to forget the name of the show, might be his last chance to avert a nosedive that sees him never serve as a presenter ever again. It would be tragic fate; at least it would be in his opinion.

Yet while lost deep in thoughts of melancholy and desperation as he heads for the far end of the studio, Seb makes sure to answer any greetings offered unto him with the some kind of gusto as they are delivered. Sure, it’s keeping up an appearance, bullshiting, whatever you wish to term it but he can’t let people know the state he’s in. If he did that would leave him open to being stabbed in the back. He’s down as it is; he doesn’t need to advertise that all that needs to come his way is a final blow to finish him off.

When next the presenter pays attention to his surroundings, besides issuing forced hellos, he discovers that there is only one man stood near the table that is a part of the bland, in his opinion, set meant to serve as the backdrop.

He’d be deflated if he wasn’t so desperate to revive his career, while still deeply concerned that this could be the wrong move for him.

With difficulty he puts those fears aside and introduces himself to the man with thinning dark hair, a shirt loosely buttoned and a pair of jeans, thinking he is dressed very much like a director would be.

“Hi, I’m Sebastien Knox; nice to meet and be on set with you here today.” The presenter offers his hands to shake alongside the uttering of his platitudes.

“Mr Knox, nice to meet you, I’m Matthias Robern.” The man replies taking and shaking Seb’s hand.

Instantly Seb recognises the name but not why other than it’s one of those he was given when he signed on to take part in this episode.

Following a short period of consideration the presenter remembers and blurts, “You’re the historian, fantastic!”

More forced sincerity concludes the handshake but leads to a deeper conversation between the pair.

“I’ve seen some of your work; you are incredibly detailed and brilliant at presenting your findings.” The presenter gushes sycophantically.

“Why… thank you.” Is the hesitant reply from Matthias who looks a little ill at ease as a result of the praise that Seb has heaped upon him.

The presenter pays no mind to it and in fact puts it down to this Matthias being the sort of guy who is not good at taking compliments. Not something Seb understands for he loves praise. It is criticism he takes issue with, for most of it has always struck him as people being judgemental and wishing to put him down because he isn’t like them.

News flash, not everyone is the same. That is and has been Seb’s response to any and all in regards to the matter.

Changing the conversation Matthias asks, “Have you met with Roger yet?”

That’s the name of the director and Seb admits, “No. I’ve only just got here. One of the crew said he was over this way but… looks like it’s only you and me here.” There is a shrug that accompanies his words. He isn’t overly bothered by the failure, and yes that is how he sees it, but it would’ve been nice for the first person he met to have been Roger the director, not that he has issue with having met Matthias who he asks, “Should I call you professor or doctor or…”

“No, no, no. You don’t need to do anything like that. Matthias is fine, more than fine.” The older man assures with raised frantically waving hands which don’t really suit his overall aesthetic and vibe.

“Ok, good to know.” Is the reply issued by the presenter who makes no attempts to urge Matthias call him Sebastien and not Mr Knox. Not because he prefers to be called Mr but because it honestly never enters Seb’s head what with everything else racing around up there.

“Did it take you long to get here?” Comes the query from Matthias who feels it necessary to break the uneasy silence which has hung in the air since he last spoke.

During that quiet Seb has looked around, clearly more interested in finding the director than engaging in a full conversation.

Matthias had been warned in advance that Sebastien Knox could be a tricky customer and it seems they weren’t joking. Just from the way the man stands it is clear that he is massively arrogant and holds the belief that he should, at all times, be the centre of attention. And sure, this episode of Ancestral Analogies, not a great name but that is what happens when networks put all their efforts into pleasing focus groups, revolves around Sebastien, but he could at least try to be a little more human.

This is coming from a man who has ‘worked’ with world famous actors, infamous musicians and popular artists. None of them had as much of a megalomaniac vibe to them as this guy does. But Sebastien Knox is who he is Matthias supposes.

“A few hours, but I came up yesterday; a chauffeur drove me and I stayed the night in the Jacobs.” It’s an answer but one which further cements Matthias’ opinion of Seb who in that one line has lauded it over him by mentioning a chauffeur and made sure it’s known that he stayed in the only five star hotel in the area. It’s enough to make Matthias, who prefers to be called Matt, roll his eyes. Somehow he manages not too, though does have to wait for the presenter to issue a similar question in response, providing added proof he doesn’t care but wants it to look and sound as if he does.

And by the looks of things Seb seems to believe his paper thin façade of interest is believable, it’s not.

“Oh I live not far from here so it takes me no time at all. Though I like to get to the studio at five just on the off chance they need me for some extra bits and pieces.”

If Seb were paying proper attention he might wish to ask why a historian is needed for extra bits and pieces, but he’s not. His head is busy twisting this way and that in search of Roger.

Regrettably he is nowhere to be seen. Seb’s brow furrows as a result, showing his annoyance. Still, he manages to answer a couple more questions uttered by Matthias before there is a call for, “Sebastien Knox to makeup.”

With that Seb excuses himself more than a little relieved he no longer has to listen to the historian drone on. He has proved to be a bore. If only he was off-screen how he is on-screen. Unfortunately, save for himself, Seb knows that is rarely ever the case. Yet, it is Matthias who feels much more relieved that he no longer has to engage with the presenter and focus of this interaction.

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