Let It Go

Scream and push past your wall of stone.
The one constructed from your every moan.
Spit the venom out and let it drain away.
Doing so might afford you a new day.

Not another go around.
An actual shot to tread new ground.
What a blessing that would be.
No more having to repeat history.

So cry and tear out the bile.
You made it from all pain you did file.
Records kept against those you damned.
From the times when things did not go as planned.

You know the names and the faces too.
Each one has become a fetid part of you.
But they do not need to be.
Cast out your anger to be truly free.

Take a chance on the promise I present.
Finally let your demons and monsters vent.
Crack that edifice and watch it spill.
This is the only thing you need to kill.

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