No Witness No Justice

Stains on the carpet and scuffs on the wall.
Whatever happened here was between Peter and Paul.
Smears on the doorknob still yet to dry.
This fight was so mighty and no one heard a cry.
Don’t believe a word with the hour so late.
Someone would have checked and witnessed the fate.
But no one is caving and the trail is growing cold.
Too much is unknown of what we should’ve been told.
Pack up the cameras and all the nicknacks.
Lets withdraw from the madness and recross the tracks.
Voices cry out that we can’t just depart.
I ask of them then; tell us how it all did start.
The air becomes silent and there is no word.
Just as I thought you won’t let the story be heard.
Pull back from the scene is what we do next
Complicit in tragedy this is all they have felt.
So recall how Peter and Paul did vanish.
That will repeat until all fear is banished.

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