Conflict In Waves

There is so much noise in the air.
Can’t focus on a single note of it here.
My brain is scrambled and I need some quiet.
Feels like my head is having a riot.
A war between nameless, faceless things.
Not sure what any of them might bring.
So give me a moment to pause and think.
Before I go right past the brink.
Indulge in what I could not care less about.
Such a move could leave me in drought.
Gasping for something to quench my thirst.
This is what I would call my head at its worst.
Refusing to let me have some peace.
Silence I scream as my release.

The quiet is starting to erode.
Feel like my mind wishes to goad.
Insight panic and a war within.
Usurp against what I’ve been building.
Scribble it out so it can start afresh.
This is not a sentiment I will bless.
For life is mine and it has no right.
Against this treachery I will fight.
Ignore the agony that it swings,
It sends it on desperate decayed wings.
So I shoot them down with a bow.
Each one of them is not a part of my flow.
And while I hate this tussle for power,
I cannot refute that it ended silent glower.

Finally the battlefields are still.
And I stand as the victor in my steel.
Mind back to a single mass.
No exclamations of sass.
Just coherence which I adore.
No longer do I feel sore.
With thoughts that flow free.
I really do feel like I am back to me.
And foolishness does not dwell here.
Yet those issues again may rear.
Not a problem for I have a plan.
And I’ll thrive once it’s passed again.
Much like I will from now.
So to those aggressors I say chow.

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