Judgement Rendered

Testify to the gods below about how you don’t deserve this though.
Did they heed your words like you thought that they would?
Or was it just a pointless waste of time you haven’t got?
These are questions that you should’ve thought.
But you were too busy drinking in all of your hype.
Did you never hear that indulging will earn you a stripe?
Just not the kind that will swing the pendulum in your favour.
If you wanted that then you should have had different behaviour.
So tell me what you plan on doing to change your hand?
Is it simply be honest and polite to those in this land?
I thought not and what a solemn pity.
Your focus remains on attempting to be witty.
Well let me know just how that works out for you.
I’m stepping away cause I’m not stuck here too.
You’re brow furrows cause you don’t understand.
It’s simple really I was permitted to pass the gates of heaven.
Demands are what fly from between your lips next.
None of them leave me at all vexed.
Maybe time will lead you to some kind of epiphany.
I truly hope that that is what will transpire, effortlessly.

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