Leech off ideas born from the few.
What you claim never started with you.

Break down and assimilate,
Every word makes you hate;
Can you really say it’s healthy?
To me it seems like inequality.
A fascination with being right.
Every moment wanting a bright…
Light to shine as if that’s proof,
Of every word you say being truth.

Scratch out the lines from before.
The hand that wrote them you abhor.

Doesn’t mean they weren’t justified,
Each person has their basis inside;
Individuality which is unique to them,
Doesn’t mean they’re on some chem.
Not that you would actually agree.
To you they are the enemy.
One dimensional in your approach,
If you didn’t say its an infested roach.

Pick at the scab of truth and fact.
Those who speak are sent to the rack.

Watered down power once held.
Peace is what you want felled.
Bowing down to a higher power,
Under them you continually cower.
Afraid of what might come to pass,
Why you insist on being crass.
Victim without an attacker.
You are the maddest hatter.

Weave through and feast upon,
Gorge yourself until democracy is gone.

Wittled down free spech and will.
Forged zombies to execute your will.
Guns in hand and brains all mush,
Violence gives them their only rush.
But statements say it wasn’t you.
We all know the source of them too.
As truth is not something you can speak.
Doing so in your eyes is weak.

Putrid rancid sack of flesh.
With no one good can you mesh.

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